Choosing the Right Materials for Your Custom Signs

Custom Signs

When choosing a custom sign, the materials used are of major importance. Not only do these affect the appearance of your sign, they also contribute to its longevity. A good sign company will have a team of professionals that can update its materials and apply new finishes as needed. In addition, these professionals have extensive knowledge of various applications and can customize your sign for maximum effectiveness. After all, your sign will be exposed to the elements for a long time, so choosing the right materials is essential for its longevity.

Custom Signs can add an artistic flair to your business, letting you express your company’s personality through the design. Personalized signs come in a variety of styles, materials, and shapes, allowing you to have total creative control over the end result. Additionally, they can showcase various elements of your business, including slogans and images. With a custom sign, you can add your logo or trademark to make your sign unique and stand out from the rest of the competition.

Wood is another material that can be used to create custom signs. Wood has an organic appeal and can be a beautiful choice for outdoor use. Wooden signs can be laser etched, cnc routed, or directly printed. Depending on their size and finish, they can be free-standing or installed indoors. However, they need to be treated properly for outdoor or exposure environments. Also, wooden signs are not common sizes, so you will need to specify your requirements accordingly.

Before ordering your custom sign, make sure to review each quote. While some contractors may offer you a reasonable price, others might overcharge you. Compare the quotes for the materials used to create your signs. Cheaper materials may not be the most attractive, but they might end up costing you more money in the long run. You’ll have to spend more money on repairs and replacements later, so you’d better go for quality signs that will last for years.

Colors can also be a major factor in brand recognition. A study by Villanova University found that 80% of business owners felt that the use of lighted signs increased their brand recognition. Another type of custom sign is a pylon sign, which is a free-standing sign that can be seen from afar. Monument signs are typically placed at entrances and can promote a business’s brand. Monument signs can be digital and display dynamic messages.

In order for a custom sign to be effective, it must be detectable, comprehensible, and legible. A recent survey found that 83% of respondents felt that signs are difficult to read when the letter sizes are too small. Generally, letters should be one inch tall and one-fifth thick. A professional sign designer can also assist you with the typography aspect, as they understand what people are looking for and how to make it easier for them to read.